Understanding the Truth about Social Anxiety Disorder, Including Misconceptions   There is a common misconception that social anxiety disorder (SAD) is the same with shyness, but SAD and shyness are totally two different things. Shyness is a personality trait, while social anxiety is a mental disorder. Understanding your kid’s place will help you identify how to help him/her cope up Read More

Personal Transformation
Improving Self-Esteem: Believe You Can Do It

Self-esteem as defined, “a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities,” is basically the way we value and respect ourselves.

There are moments when hate seems to cloud us, and we blame ourselves. On some days, you feel that nobody likes you. On most days, you feel alone and unwanted. Unfortunately, there is a short supply of confidence in today’s society. Undermining one’s own abilities has almost become a current trend of sorts—too much self-depreciation is never a good thing.

Success and Motivation
Top Motivational Quotes We Wish We Knew Yesterday

What keeps you motivated? What makes you decide to continue trying and keep going? Whether it be your peers or your belief, we all need a little dose of motivation to succeed in our dreams because we believe that all we need is a little push to keep us on track. Dreams are not meant to be only dreams, but Read More

Recent Post
How to Handle Difficult People in Six Crucially Humane Ways

Who are the difficult people in your life? We all desire social interaction, but more often than not, we tend to encounter people whom we can’t exactly deal with in a straightforward way. Working with difficult people can be a pain. We’re not all experts at human behavior. But sometimes, we have to take how humans act into account, especially when it comes to handling situations with someone who’s difficult to deal with. Admittedly, we might not be able to excel in such field, but it’s worth taking a shot. It’s not ideal to give up on people, just because we find it difficult to take hold of their attitude.

The Butterfly Effect That is Infatuation

Imagine crossing paths with your crush. Your heartbeat suddenly spikes up the moment you see the person. A blush may (or may not) slowly creep up on your cheeks. Butterflies swarm like crazy in your stomach. You resist the urge to stutter and blurt out nonsense when talking to the person of your interest. Surely, you’ve seen this scenario in teen romance movies.

Understanding Dementia and How to Prevent It

Dementia strikes people who have reached old age. When we think of dementia, we think the loss of memory that impedes the daily lives of those who are stricken with the condition. It’s a crippling illness that affects many people, and it’s more common than we think. While many may think that dementia is only within our minds, it actually stems from physical changes in our brain.

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