Top Motivational Quotes We Wish We Knew Yesterday

What keeps you motivated? What makes you decide to continue trying and keep going? Whether it be your peers or your belief, we all need a little dose of motivation to succeed in our dreams because we believe that all we need is a little push to keep us on track. Dreams are not meant to be only dreams, but Read More

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Top Self-Care Tips for People Who Are Highly-Sensitive

10 Self-Care Tips When Everything Seems Too Much Do you feel overwhelmed with excessive talking and large crowds? Are you easily moved with movie scenes, a play, a book, or even a simple interaction on the street? If you can relate to any of the above statements, you may be a highly empathetic and sensitive person. According to Dr. Elaine Read More

The Butterfly Effect That is Infatuation

How do you know if you’re really in love? Imagine crossing paths with your crush. Your heartbeat suddenly spikes up the moment you see the person. A blush may (or may not) slowly creep up on your cheeks. Butterflies swarm like crazy in your stomach. You resist the urge to stutter and blurt out nonsense when talking to the person Read More

Understanding Dementia and How to Prevent It

As we age, there’s a chance we may be stricken by dementia. Dementia strikes people who have reached old age. When we think of dementia, we think the loss of memory that impedes the daily lives of those who are stricken with the condition. It’s a crippling illness that affects many people, and it’s more common than we think. While Read More

What Contributes to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Learn why you should understand PTSD and how you can help. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition that most of us take for granted. One of the main causes of PTSD are shocking events that have most likely unfolded in people’s eyes. It’s important to understand PTSD, as it’s a pressing problem among many.     We may not have Read More

List of Good Habits You Need to Start Doing Today

Why Good Habits Become the Secret to Happiness Changing habits is a matter of choice. One day you may face an hour or two of idle moments and you decide to do nothing except fill your time browsing highly-addictive social media contents. Or maybe in a parallel universe, you may have jumped on the cross trainer, or grabbed a book Read More

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