Best Places to Visit in Japan for Instagram-Worthy Photos This Spring

Visit the Blooming Wonders and Transient Beauty of Sakura

Perpetual, romantic, irresistible—Sakura, or the cherry blossoms of Japan, is perfect for a spring getaway that is almost impossible not to fall in love with.

best places to visit in japan - cherry blossoms

Where to take the most Instagram-worthy spring photos of the cherry blossoms? Here are a few spots!


Known as the “Castle and Cherry Blossom and Apple Town,” Hirosaki is a dreamy spring break destination of pink, cloud-like cherry blossom flowers and a castle surrounded by turrets and gates. (You may want to attend the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival, happening on April 22 to May 7. Get details here.)

best places to visit in japan - a view of mt iwaki A View of Mt Iwaki
best places to visit in japan - hirosaki castle Hirosaki Castle
best places to visit in japan - hirosaki park Hirosaki Park



Kanazawa is not only well-known for its traditional landscape design, but is famous as a sakura-viewing spot.

best places to visit in japan - kanazawa kenroku-en park Kenroku-en Park
best places to visit in japan - kanazawa castle Kanazawa Castle



While Kyoto teems with myriad sightseeing spots, here are the most interesting ones to check out.

kyoto kiyomizu-dera temple Kiyomizu-dera Temple
kyoto ninnaji pagoda Ninnaji Pagoda
Nakaragi No Michi Outside the Kyoto Botanical Garden Nakaragi No Michi outside the Kyoto Botanical Garden



The cherry blossoms in Tokyo bloom on street roads, in parks, along the river sides, and on the mountains.

tokyo ueno park Ueno Park
tokyo shinjuku gyoen Shinjuku Gyoen