Stop Wasting Time, Start Working Smart: The Go-Getter’s Guide to Being Productive

“Don’t work hard. Work smart.”

Default words from the wise, it has become quite a cliché among many circles. Then again, people hardly give specific pointers on how to work smart. Vague words of wisdom barely help when you actually want to get started.

Don't work hard. work smart

Start working smart now. Use the following tips:

#1. Write things down.

Having a to-do list will remind you of the things that you need to finish. People often think they can just rummage through their memory, often ending up with zero results. Use your smartphone or tablet to take down notes, set appointments, and list reminders.

#2. Prioritize.

Business People Diverse Brainstorm Meeting Concept
Business People Diverse Brainstorm Meeting Concept

What’s the most important and urgent thing in your to-do list? Take that out of the way first, then continue with the most time-consuming or the most difficult of the bunch.

#3. Keep it real.

Know your limitations and assess whether or not you can take the tasks on. Take time to improve your skills, or clear your mind before tackling more difficult tasks. In the meantime, you can start with the lighter ones.

#4. Research.

You also need to research beforehand. Ask from more experienced peers or start brainstorming sessions at your workplace. With the rise of online bookshelves, it will be easier for you to scour information using digital devices.

#5. Take a break.

work hard don't slack off

You still need to regain all that energy. Always take time to rest. Don’t wait till you’re eventually drained or burned out.

#6. But of course, don’t slack off!

work smart do research

While it’s a good thing to rest every once in a while, too much of it leads to procrastination. Think about the things that you need to do later, which would eventually pile up and take a lot of your time if left undone.