7 Funny Valentine’s Day Stories to Tickle Your Catastrophe

funny valentine's day stories

It’s that day of the year again when lovers send cards and munch on discounted chocolates. It’s also a day for romantic stories gone hilariously and horribly wrong.

As February 14 comes in haste, we’ve compiled some of the memorable and real-life funny Valentine’s Day stories that are soaked with tears and unending dramas.

1. This girl is awesome for handing out the cookies to the “nice” homeless people outside during Valentine’s Day. Him, just forget all about him.

funny break up in gmail chat

2. Breakups are hard to stomach, especially when it’s done over a g-mail chat.

3. A lovely young girl, a dedicated Jehovah’s Witness, dated for couple of months. Things were feeling great. What could go wrong?

4. Just one rose and she could be the happiest girl on the planet, but instead, her boyfriend chose to be a complete douchebag. This girl deserves better!

5. It’s never too late to attend the most special day of your one and only crush.

when you discovered he cheated
6. When you discover he cheated, but you have to confront him like a baby.

7. Sometimes, they’re not worth every mile for a special dinner. Distance doesn’t always makes the heart grow fonder, sometimes it can make him pretty drunk. At least, she got flowers and chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day

happy valentine's day