Know Your Enemy to Productivity: Defeating Lack of Motivation

Defeating Lack of Motivation

Let’s face it. It is really a pain in our gut to feel that lack of motivation, at work, at home, and in life in general.

We all want to achieve something in our lives but sometimes we don’t have the will to begin. This kind of disposition which translates to loss of motivation is caused by a lot of factors.

Reasons for lack of motivation:

  • Lack of belief in one’s abilities
  • Fear of failure and rejection
  • Conscious of what others have to say
  • Too anxious
  • Not interested
  • The fear of the unknown
  • Too stressed
  • Absence of encouragement

Low motivation can also be attributed to depression. Depression and high motivation are two opposite poles. Depression is a serious psychological health case and should be treated accordingly. And here, motivation comes in.

Overcome lack of motivation by following these helpful tips.

Finding motivation may be a lot harder. However, there are simple yet effective ways to get and stay motivated:

  • Find out what you really want to achieve.

    As much as possible, visualize your goal. When you do, determine the gap between your position right now and the position that you desire.

  • Surround yourself with people whom you can be inspired to go beyond your boundaries.
    Surround yourself withpeople whom you can be inspired to go beyond your boundaries
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    When you’re surrounded with strong-willed, happy, and contented people, you’ll feel more positive and motivated.

  • No matter what, you have to make some progress, even how big or small it is.

    Do this, especially if you are just starting out. Remember, consistency is the key. The more you are discouraged, the more you should exert effort to finish your task.

  • Write down what you have achieved for the day.

    Boost your self-confidence by knowing and acknowledging you have achieved something. You can also track your progress to see how you have improved in performing your tasks.

  • Do the things that inspire you.

    Read a good book or listen to a good music. Do the things that inspire you to move.

  • Confront your problem.

    When you have no motivation to work or do anything, this might be because you have problems that are bugging you and you can’t concentrate. Before anything else, confront your problem first.

  • Take a break.
    Take a break
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    Be mindful of your body. Don’t strain it. Recharge whenever you find time. Your body needs it. One of the causes of lack of motivation is when you’re working too hard that you don’t have much energy to finish tasks.

    We all have experienced the lack of motivation at some point, but it should never stop or slow you down. Find motivation and keep going.