Make Money Online: Practical Ideas for Creative Geniuses, Tech Wizards, and More

Practical Ideas to make money onlineEvery millennial who can surf the net knows that they can always make money online—whether they bank on technical skills like website and app development or on the more creative skills like writing or drawing. If you want to earn an extra on top of your full-time job income, one of the following ideas can be your opportunity to make money online.

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Start a blog and become an affiliate marketer

Start a blog and become an affiliate marketer.

If you have the gift of engaging netizens with your words and online charisma, then there’s a big chance of success in writing a blog and monetizing it through affiliate marketing. Becoming an affiliate marketer means tying up with companies and placing banner and link advertisements in your website. You earn a certain percentage when your visitors click on those ad placements.

Take note, though, that you have to build a strong base first before you engage in affiliate marketing. A large following means stronger chances of getting ad clicks.

Publish an e-book and sell it.

Publish an e-book and sell itThis is an exciting venture, especially for writers. Think of something you’re an expert of—whether it’s financial health, self-improvement, protips on creative writing, gardening, cooking, or baking. The list is endless. Take note that since you’re selling this e-book, you have to take certain precautions like registering a copyright for it. This prevents others from stealing your ideas and gaining money from it.

Become a freelance content writer

Become a freelance content writer.

Content writing is in-demand among online clients. Almost everything from website content to company blogs are outsourced to freelance writers. Build your online profile as a credible professional writer, and look for available freelance work in online freelance hubs like Upwork. You may start slow at first, but once you’ve established trust in the freelance community, you will have a steady client roster.

Sell artsy stuff online.

Sell artsy stuff onlineYour creativity may not be in writing but in other forms of art like photography. Don’t worry. You can still make money online through these. Professional photographers can sell their images to stock photo companies such as Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.

Those who are into illustrations, painting, comics, carpentry, crochet, dressmaking, jewelry making, accessories, and more can build their profiles and sell their stuff in websites like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.

Start a YouTube channel and monetize it

Start a YouTube channel and monetize it.

Got brilliant ideas for tutorials, skits, DIY hacks, and many other original content? You can make money online by producing original videos in YouTube. One way to do this is to allow YouTube to place ads in your videos, and you get a percentage with every ad click—much like the affiliate marketing in your blog. Another way is to tie up with advertisers and insert some product placements in one of your skits or vlogs. The second option will most likely work when you already have a lot of subscribers in YouTube.

List your house in home rental websites.

List your house in home rental websitesVacations may be the ultimate getaway for the longest time, but staycations are fast catching up. Coined by tired yuppies who want to get away from everyday stresses of work, the idea of staycation has made house rentals a lucrative source of extra income. If you have an extra house with full amenities, it might be a good idea to list it for staycations. Rental websites like Airbnb and Agoda are good places to start your house-renting venture.

Teach English as a foreign language

Teach English as a foreign language.

Online English tutorial is another way to earn extra money. All you need is a computer with camera, good quality mic, and high-speed Internet. There’s a demand for TEFL teachers both online and offline, so if you’re the type who wants to stay at home while earning your extra income, you can always apply to online language schools. Be sure to get a TEFL certification to strengthen your credibility.

Design and develop websites.

Design and develop websitesOf course, both skills are much preferable if you want to make money online. But if you can’t do both, there’s still a profitable market for just website design or website development. Just like freelance writers, freelance web developers and web designers will find clients in freelancing hubs online.

Develop mobile apps

Develop mobile apps.

Through the years, mobile apps have been a marketing strategy for companies. Since their customers are always on their mobile phones, companies’ mobile apps—containing their services modified for mobile and other extra features—will bring them closer to their customers. Mobile app developers can also find clients online when they visit the freelance hubs that other home-based writers and developers frequent.