For the Millennial Bunnies: Pros and Cons of Job-Hopping

job hoppingAfter a series of contemplation and self-loathing and eventually ending up in a realization, you want a stable job.

To get to where you want to go, you have to find your way. You have to decide which roads to take and the vehicles to ride on, all to get you to where your heart is. But is something like job-hopping really the solution? How about the downsides to this?

Nowadays, it is quite normal for “millennials” to think that staying in a single company for at most 1-2 years is ideal. Contrary to this, the “baby boomers” say no-no to job-hopping. Who is right? What really is right? Let’s be rational here. Let’s take a look at some factors of job-hopping and the pros and cons of to these:

• You get a lot of opportunities to harness your capabilities which serve as weapons for your future jobs.
• You get to find what is best suited for you.
• You learn varied skills and experiences.
• You gain a lot of connections.
• You can target a higher pay than what you’ve recently had.


• Your short span of training and development may worry employers.
• You might get a lesser chance of salary increase soon, as you still haven’t stayed that long in a company.
• You are less likely to get promoted.
• You may also lose the chances to widen your reach of contacts and references.
• And the danger! When push comes to shove and the company needs some lay-off, be ready to pack up.

Same as your skills being questioned, employers might also be cautious of people who won’t stay for long. Trainings and hiring utilize quite a huge amount for a company, so of course they’d ensure their ROI above all. Loyalty and commitment are great factors to a successful company.

job hopping

Landing to a job you love is possible. But that won’t just simply fall from heaven for you. Yes, you might think that at times the universe is conspiring for you, but it still is all up to you. How can you achieve the goal? What are the steps you are going to take? If you choose this so, what will be your reasons for job-hopping? Think about it well.