Publishing Your Self-Help Book Is Not as Hard as You Think

make self-publishing a simple journey

Are you worrying whether you can publish a book on your own?

Well, you can set that aside because in these times—when self-publishing is feasible and lucrative—you can definitely do just that.

Self-help books are well received because aside from the practical wisdom they impart, readers can also digest them easily.

If you’re planning to get started on your own self-help book, the following tips will help you get started.

Find your voice.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional writer or an aspiring one. The moment you know what you want to share with the world, all you have to do is find your voice and start writing. Stringing words into sentences and paragraphs is never easy. But with enough motivation and work, you will eventually feel fulfilled because you’ve finished your book.

Look for a self-publishing company.

If you are the type who doesn’t want the endless wait and constant double guessing of traditional publishing, then self-publishing can save you. With this, you will enjoy the freedom in all creative decisions. It’s true that you will shoulder all expenses, but all the profit will go to you too.

Self-publishing companies can be found with a simple online search, but you can’t always be sure of their credibility—which brings us to our next tip.

publishing company background check

Perform solid background checks.

When considering self-publishing companies to work on your book, a serious background research is recommended. It’s wise to narrow down your search to two or three companies before you perform your in-depth research on each of them.

Be sure to look for red alerts that indicate scams. You don’t want to be a victim and see all your hard-earned money go to waste.

customer reviews

Choose the platform you’re most comfortable with.

When publishing a book, the common notion is getting a printed title. However, many self-publishing companies such as LitFire Publishing also offer other platforms like digital publication. Some companies even offer audio book productions. Take a look at customer reviews and see the services of the publishing company you wish to choose.

There is a myriad of options just within your reach. The idea of publishing a book on your own is nerve-racking, yes, but it is also an exciting adventure with endless possibilities.

So are you geared up to try self-publishing now? Click here.


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