4 Super Cool Celebrity Dads with Their Cute Kids

We’re sure you smiled and sighed at all the Father’s Day tributes that festooned your social media feed honoring great dads over the weekend. But we’re still not over the once-in-a-year celebration that honors the Superman in our lives.

Here’s a list of cool celebrity dads caught in snapshots featuring them and their adorable kids. Swoon over all of their fatherly love captured in Instagram posts.

After all, these Hollywood dads may be larger than life—some even play superheroes in big films, but underneath all that fame lies the good heart of a father.

Dwayne Johnson and daughter Jasmine

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The Rock is one big hulk of a man, a giant that really goes gentle from the love of his kids.

David Beckham and daughter Harper

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The world-famous soccer star is one guy who’s unabashedly in love with his kids. Whether teasing his son Brooklyn over the number of IG followers he has over him or sitting with Harper front row at a fashion show, this man’s daddy skills get an A-plus!

Chris Hemsworth and kids Tristan and Sasha

He plays a superhero in a major movie franchise. Off camera, Chris is a hero to his kids. From reel to real, this dude is one cool guy!

John Legend and daughter Luna

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The crooner looks smitten by his lovely daughter Luna. Pictures of him hanging out with his little girl look like a song that’s pitch-perfect to us.