Marriage Goals that Every Married Couple Should Aspire to Achieve

Goal Setting for Couples Who Want to Live a Happily Ever After

Marriage is a special legal union entered into by two people who love each other and bind themselves to lifetime commitment. Sadly, divorce—yes divorce—is a reality that can happen to many couples.

The results can be disastrous for both sides involved. There are so many questions to ask starting with why. Why did we break up? What went wrong? Who was at fault? When did it start falling apart?

Marriage Goals that Every Married Couple Should Aspire to Achieve

But most couples who end up doing the big D often forget to ask, “How can we fix this?”

This is the worst case scenario which many fear. Worry not because there are ways to avoid this from happening.

Here are a few relationship goals that will hopefully strengthen your happiness in marriage and lead you to live a happily ever after.

Keep the Passion on High

Couples in successful marriages know that in order to stay together, the heat must be hot in the bedroom—or anywhere else, actually. We usually expect the fire to dim a bit, the longer a couple stays together, but this shouldn’t be so.

Sex is an important part of marriage, and keeping it interesting in the boudoir is a surefire way to keep you interested in each other and grow as a pair. For couples who have children, make sure to put your spouse first.

This goes against a lot of parenting advice, but it’s important to know that a good marriage is essential to raising an emotionally healthy child, so keep the kisses coming, even though the kiddies go ew.

Keep the Passion on High

Toss the Scoreboard out the Window

A lot of couples like to take score of things they’ve done, and this usually leads to bickering and nagging, which does no good to any relationship.

Your may earn more than your partner, but that shouldn’t stop you from helping out with the chores.

Marriage is not a competition but a partnership, so toss that scorecard out the window, and instead make it a goal to be selfless and help each other as often as you can.

Money Matters

Yes, money does matter. Being married means sharing everything, including finances. It’s important to be honest about your income and to set realistic budgets for the everyday running of your household.

Put savings for retirement as a later goal if you don’t want to be that serious yet. Try making a piggy bank for a future vacation or activity that both of you enjoy.

When you get this money business out of the way, it leaves you more time to enjoy your great marriage.

Snub the Social Media

Studies show that our love for our mobiles actually ruins relationships. Phubbing is snubbing your partner because you’re glued to your gadget.

Studies show that couples who ignore each other in favor of their phones fought more.

It’s a bit difficult to do, but try making it a goal to snub your phone and focus more on your partner. This shows that you value your relationship and respect your partner, and the time you spend together.

Snub the Social Media

Work It Out

Let’s face it: food is one of the best things about being in a relationship. It’s wonderful to share a meal with someone you love, but unfortunately, this usually leads to unwanted pounds.

It’s a good thing that exercise can actually lead to a happier relationship.

Exercising together only leads to good things, like more energy, a higher sex drive, and reduced stress. Staying attracted to each other is also a key to a successful marriage, so write down those fitness goals, and make your relationship healthy.