Going through Different Roads to One Destination: Marriage Goals Aspiration

How can you support your spouse’s goals when you have some for yourself too?

Goals and aspirations are important for every one of us. One key to a successful marriage is caring for your spouse and that the best thing you’d want for him/her to feel is happiness and fulfillment.

Considering marriage goals aspiration, it is crucial to always be willing to talk through things, and that after all practicalities and logic considered, understanding and love should still be the ones that will make you two stay together, despite differences in personal aspirations.

Key To a Successful Marriage

Listen to your own voice. Know yourself, and know what you want. At the same time, listen to your spouse too. Hear each other, and talk it through.

Ask yourselves, “Where are we heading to? What is the life of us together that we both want?” And one necessary question: “How can we get there?”

Consider the case of having to work to be able to earn money. If both of you are working, it is reason for marriageinevitable to have lesser time together.

This can cause misunderstandings and feeling bad about the other one being “too busy” or “not caring” about what the other does. It’s scary.

But shield it through conversations. Conversations have a certain power that bonds a relationship strong. This time, ask yourselves why you do your respective jobs.

To earn money? Why do you want to? For your own expenses? Or is it that aside from that, you want to save for a house? Or that you two have a plan of creating a family?

Then there’s the collective aspiration. There’s the working for both individual and collective aspirations, as one of your greatest reasons for marriage.

You might need to go through different roads. But the most beautiful thing about marriage is that no matter how you will be physically away, you are never leaving each other, because you are carrying each other in each other’s hearts.

It may sound a little cheesy, but admit it, it’s true. You will feel it, if you really love your spouse.

marriage relationship goalsBeing supportive to each other does not mean you’ll always have to have the same goals and dreams.

Supporting is not just agreeing—worse, compromising—to the opposite party.

Value your spouse’s aspirations as much as how you value your own. This does not mean that you’re leaving each other be.

This means you’re helping in one another’s personal growth, so you can become better persons, and that these (striving to be) better persons are the ones living together, working for a unified goal as a couple.

Personal goals—whether regarding career or passion—should not hinder the goals you have together.

Rather, the ideal situation is that the fulfillment of personal goals fuels a fire for you to struggle even more for your marriage relationship goals.

marriage goals aspiration

You’ll always meet. Keep in mind that no matter how many twists and turns you go through, you’ll always head into one destination. It’s the future you two collectively aspire for.