Positive Effects of Social Media for the Working Millennial

Social media has taken over most of our lives today. It has become a powerful tool for networking and has given us the chance to interact and build communities faster than ever—because just about everyone you know has at least one social media account.

Positive Effects of Social Media for the Working Millennial

Whether via Facebook ads, Instagram posts, tweets, or LinkedIn statuses, social media has opened more doors for career opportunities, growth, and expression.

positive effects of social media awareness and active expression


Social media, has kept us abreast with the movements in society, the economy, career trends, and world news, through online newsfeeds like NY Times or Huffington, and breaking reports on Twitter.


positive effect of social media creative

Creative Expression

The need for work-life balance has become possible through social media. It has become a medium of inspiration for many to write and tell stories, inspirational posts, and blogs through podcasts, digital journals, and e-books.
positive effect of social media health


Social media has naturally made a way to reach out to the working population in terms of self-help books, tips on diet and exercise, and healthy-living blogs. Instagram, for example, has allowed thousands of pages that promote fitness, such as thirty-day exercise challenges and real-life weight struggles and successes.

positive effects of social media information


Social media has become an outlet to express and voice out thoughts. It has removed interaction barriers and more people have become active online. This is by far one of the biggest positive impacts of social media.



positive effect of social media - information


Remember Roger, your best friend in fourth-grade? He just landed himself a promotion. While Sarah, you high school crush who moved to London, has just recently been engaged. With social media, our ability to offer congratulations (or condolences) is just within the tips of our fingers.


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