Useful Memory Improvement Tips to Increase Productivity

Memory Improvement TricksHaving a sharp memory is important to one’s productivity, and it’s always good to exercise your mind.

Remembering details, faces, names, and knowledge gained is too important for the most part, even in today’s world where technology is continually on the rise. A good memory, therefore, is a weapon that puts you at an advantage. That’s why we need memory strategies and mnemonic techniques to help us out. Looking into various ways to strengthen memory definitely helps.

How to Improve Your Memory and Keep You Going

Nowadays, we often take memorization for granted. However, it’s still an essential technique that’s best perfected. Passwords, personal identification numbers, or perhaps even your social security number—memorizing those works best every time, especially with memory retention techniques.

Here are some tricks on how to improve memory power:

Get Some Rest by Napping

According to the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Sleep of The City College of the City University of New York, napping improves declarative memory, which allows you to recall facts and events of the past.1 When doing intellectually heavy tasks that doesn’t allow for much time doing research, it’s advantageous to draw from what you already know.

Write It Down

An experiment at Indiana University found that handwriting makes your memory sharper.2 Writing keeps your mind sharp as you age. Don’t be afraid to ditch your smartphone or tablet when jotting down notes, because handwriting always has that advantage when it comes to improving your memory.

Drink Coffee

There are also foods that improve memory—as well as drinks. A research team at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore found the correlation between caffeine and how it can enhance long-term memory.3 Therefore, not only does coffee keep you awake; it also boosts your brainpower, allowing you to memorize things more efficiently.

Adopt Repetition Techniques

No one likes repeating things, but it’s undeniable that repetition, one of the top memorization techniques, is effective in making you remember facts and events. A technique such as spaced repetition can help improve learning and your memory.4 When you can, go ahead and give it a try if you want to go about how to improve concentration.

Practice Meditation

By freeing your mind of clutter, you can focus on the important things. A research team at the University of California Santa Barbara found that meditation improves your memory. Mediation releases unessential thoughts, allowing you to focus more on significant details.

Here are some other things to do to strengthen memory power:

  • Memory improvement games
  • Use of dramatic imagery
  • Eating the right kinds of food
  • Exercise

As you age, your memory might deteriorate. However, you can always practice good enhancement techniques with the help of memory improvement tips to keep your mind sharp. It’s all a matter of willpower and determination.