Using These Mind Map Tools, Teachers Can Make Their Teaching Life Easier

“Teaching is not a service, a profession, or a job.
It is a pillar of the society.”

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Teaching ranked fifth on The Ten Happiest Jobs in a survey done by Forbes. This is not surprising, especially if you consider the fact that teaching is rewarding in a lot of ways.

As with any profession, being a teacher has both its drawbacks and rewards. Teaching means spending significant amount of time in the classroom but not getting paid much. You will have to look after thirty students or more all day long, and you spend your free time checking papers or writing lesson plans. But above all, some teachers—especially new ones—struggle with organizing their thoughts during classroom discussions.

Lack of organizational skills will lead to confusion, stress, and lack of success in ensuring that students understand the lesson.

And this is where mind mapping comes in.

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What is a mind map?

A mind map is a diagram that links ideas around a main subject. Say, your main idea is history of the English language, and the branches are related ideas or subtopics, like varieties of English, periods in the development of the language, and list of famous writers.  Mind maps work for pretty much anything: studying a subject, writing a story, group brainstorming, to building your own career.


Online Mind Map Makers That Prove Helpful to Teachers


Here are several more reasons that prove why creating a mind map is for the greater good:

Swift organization of lesson plans

With a mapping tool like iMindMap, you can lessen the amount of your notes into few concise lesson plans that are easy to understand. This mind map creator allows for easy organization of lesson plans as you can access your files, education website links, and notes in just one diagram.


Efficient delivery of lessons

Mind mapping keeps students from getting bored compared to traditional teaching tools like textbooks, charts, and PowerPoint. Mind maps encourage participation from students and are easy to follow as they create links and ideas back to the main topic.


Hassle-free curriculum planning

Whether it’s the new curriculum initiatives for the school year or creating your lesson plans for the week, mind mapping helps you plan your day-to-day activities in a comprehensive sequence. You can add deadlines and prioritize important topics. With Coggle, a free and web-based mind map, you can simplify complex things and organize the bits and pieces of information paper in a form that makes sense to you.


Better handouts

If you are looking for a user-friendly mind mapping tool, try out Mindmup. This app allows you to save files online, export files other mediums, print them out, and distribute the notes to your students.

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Effective collaborative tool for students

Advances in technology are changing the way teachers deliver the lessons to their students. As education and technology become inseparable, more teaching tools are developed for the use of the younger digital citizens. With a mind mapping software like, learners can create a visual thinking tool in a fun and colorful way. is a software app where students can be creative as much as they want, while at the same time collaborate with their peers at the safety of their homes.